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Pumidorfest – Fiesta de salsa

Tomatoes come in many varieties, forms and tastes, but people from Rab will tell you that the local tomatoes are the best. This is due to the local climate and the soil in which they grow, but also because of the love of the local farmers who cultivate them. The tomato flower is part of the Municipality of Lopar coat of arms, and there is almost no traditional dish that one can prepare without using this tasty delicacy. During the Pumidorfest Tomato Festival, restaurants offer specialities with locally grown tomatoes. The highlight of the festival is a big open-air party in San Marino Tourist Resort which includes a wide range of culinary specialities. There is also a competition for tourists with numerous awards in preparing tomato sauce in kettles. In short: this is a real tomato party!

– from 21 to 27 August Salsa Festival
– salsa ( sauce) cooking competition
– themed meals in restaurants