With 30 sandy beaches Rab is a really Happy island with a lot of tiny, picturesque coves, recognised by tourists from all over the world almost 125 years ago, to this day, due to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea, great for the entire family. Everyone can find their own private beach on Rab based on their preference: there are naturist beaches, solitary coves, beaches for dogs and beaches for single people looking for a bit of…love 🙂

Paradise beach

The largest and best known sandy beach in Lopar is so called Rajska ( Paradise) Beach. Almost 2 kilometers long it is a home to all of the tourist facilities. It has been awarded”Blue flag” for the quality of water, preservation of natural surroundings as well as safety. It even got on the CNN’s Top 100 world beaches list. There is a lot to do, from beach volleyball, to aquaparks, parasailing and beach parties. If you have a dog, take it to the south part of the beach and enjoy a swim together.


If you would rather enjoy a spectacular view of the Old Town and an even more spectacular sunset, you should go to the south part of the island, next to Barbat. Pudarica beach is all fine sand and clear sea and you can only get there by a car or by a boat. If you stay on the beach long after sunset you will witness the most famous Beach Clubs in Croatia – Santos. Parking is free, there are sanitary facilites, as well as a cafe and a bistro on the beach. If you like, you can explore nearby hidden beaches and coves on foot too.


Mel is a sandy beach in Kampor, known for its very fine sand. Easily reached by boat or a car, it has a spacious parking spot with restaurants, and cafes that make it popular with families.  Sports facilites include a trampoline, volleyball courts and there are deck chair rentals. There is a special entrance for the disabled and the south part of the beach is a dog beach.

Suha Punta

Suha Punta near Kampor is among the most beautiful parts of the island. Covered in a lush forest, this peninsula with beautiful pebble stone and rocky beaches is ideal for bikers who can ride in the shade all the way to the beach. For those of you interested in comfort, there are lawns for sunbathing, deck chair and parasol rentals, cocktail bars, cafes, restaurants, tennis courts, beach volleyball and clean and tidy restrooms. Parking space is available next to the hotel.


Well known as a destination for people that prefer their holidays without the restraints of clothes, island of Rab has one of the oldest naturist beaches in the world, where a certain king Edward the VIII and Walis Simpson took a skinny dip. Kandarola beach is easily reached by taxy boats from Rab or Palit and you can drive there too. Beach facilities include a restaurant, deck chair and parasol rentals and of course, showers and toilets. There is a dog beach as well.

City beach of Rab

If you prefer staying in town, there is nothing wrong with the charming little beach called “Banova Vila” right next to the cafe bearing the same name. After the sun sets you can stay at the beach and enjoy performances by guitar virtuosos playing rock and indie standars. Beach facilities include a waterpolo court and a special sea path for the disabled.


A 30 minute walk from Rajska plaža you get to Sahara, a beautifull sandy beach. Not the desert, but the most famous naturist beach in Lopar. It is not far, yet it is far enough should you desire a little bit of peace and quiet on your vacation. Bear in mind that there is no facilites of any kind on this beach, so you better bring your own picnic (or at least some drinking water). Between Sahara and Stolac beaches there is a dog beach in a tiny bay called Pod pećine.


On the other end of Rajska plaža you will find a sandy beach called Livačina, luxuriating in the shade of the pines, with several restaurants providing refreshments and nourishment. There is a lot on offer here, a true beach paradise for those in the know. Your dog might enjoy a swim at nearby Kaštelina.


One of the 3 naturist sandy beaches in Lopar facing north is very peculiar due to the strange sandy pyramids and other naturally formed shapes. The sea is emerald green and you get to choose sand or rock plateaus for your sunbathing. Ciganka (gypsy woman) can be reached on foot or in a car that you can park in the nearby pine forest. There is a dog beach nearby.

Dog beaches

Dog friendly beacher on Rab are really common, almost every beach on the island has a dog friendly section, where you can take your dogs swimming, but please collect after them and bring a water bowl and parasol for your pet.



Spend relaxing evenings in a pleasant or romantic ambience of local restaurants and taverns (check out Gastronomy), taking a walk along the seafront, sightseeing and enjoying the atmosphere, or attending one of the Rab Musical Evenings concerts (check out Events). If you’re looking for a romantic evening, you can spend the night at the beach playing the guitar or listening to another play.

If after a pleasant day you are looking forward to a fun night at one of the island’s numerous night clubs and bars – you won’t be disappointed with what Rab has to offer. Start the night in a pub or a cocktail bar and then spend the rest of it dancing in a club. Be sure to check out the great party atmosphere at the Santos Beach Club at Pudarica, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, where renowned Croatian and foreign DJs are frequent guests and many concerts are held. The San Antonio Night Club, located near the town’s main promenade, organizes live concerts of famous musicians, thematic parties and fashion shows… The Disco Club Tropical (at the San Marion Center) and the Sunset Beach Club (at the Livačina Beach) are located in Lopar.

Santos Beach Club at Pudarica

The rest you will enjoy discovering on your own, but we just have to mention the legendary Zrće Beach in Novalja on the neighboring Pag Island. It’s a true party spot, frequently called the Croatian Ibiza, where clubs are open all night and day throughout the summer. Zrće is a must for an unforgettable night.